poppy earring design

 I have been working on a few more new earring designs this week. My favorite so far is a poppy flower with seed pods. I made my demo earrings today and they look super cute. Perfect for summertime!

I started with this sketch done on a cold pressed paper with pencil, ink, and watercolor:
I stopped before the image was even fully colored in. I took a photo of the sketch and uploaded it onto my computer, and finished the design in photoshop. I think I have mentioned this before, but it is a huge challenge for me to keep these earring images simple. When you are scaling them down to approximately 3/4" most of the details get lost. Usually I thrive on layers and intricate lines ~ but I have to use a different approach for something so tiny. I appreciate the ability to zoom in or out in photoshop. I am constantly zooming out so the image is the size of a dime to see what it looks like and then zooming in to work on it. 

There is SO much more to having an art business than being in the studio... and it isn't that I dislike the other aspects... it's just that I am SO content to be creating. You know?
I will try to get some photos of the new earrings to show you soon!


wildviolets said...

I love your new design! Beautiful!!

Beth said...

oh yay! poppies are the loveliest summer flower!

Anonymous said...

love love love the poppies. how am i EVER going to chose which pair of earrings to get??? and it's great to get a glimpse into your process too. isn't it funny how a computer can be such a helpful tool in something so hands-on? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Guess what???? My first poppy bloomed today! Long before any others are ready!!! I think our hearts are speaking to each other. xoxo