this about sums it up.

I found THIS image on Pinterest tonight. What is Pinterest you ask? Pinterest is a time-sucking, breath-taking, spiral of visual highlights from the web.  (my own words, not theirs). Basically you get to go puddle hopping into your favorite things~ and then you can virtually tack those pictures on your page. You can organize them into folders.  I just spent way too long browsing and dreaming~ Check out my favorites! Anyhow... it is just another media that blows me away with it's movement and scope.

Don't let the invitation part scare you away. 


Liz said...

Weird.. I just discovered pinterest yesterday. loving it!

Pila Dog said...


Anonymous said...

Love your philosophy of "less is more." I go along with that except when it comes to thrifting. I just cannot pass up a fun thrifted item that can be had for a reasonable price.