We finally got some new hens for our coop!
We now have:
  • 3 four-month-old Black Jerseys from Craigslist
  • 3 eight-month-old Red Stars, and 2 Australorps from our friends Gabe and Kate
  • 10 (and then there were 11 when we got home) six-week-old Araucana hens (which will lay blue eggs!!!) from craigslist.
Only the 5 we got from our friends are laying. The others will start producing when they are about 6 months. On average one chicken will lay 2 eggs every 3 days. However, Araucanas lay a little less than other hens.  So I figure in a few months each family (the Carmonas and us) should be getting about 3 dozen eggs per week. 


Nancy Tripp said...

what I love is that lili has her boots on the wrong feet!

Linda said...

The boots grabbed my heart, too! Great shots of the chickens ~ their feet are SO big! Reminds me of the Tomie dePaola story where he takes chicken feet to school and makes them move!

liz said...

how fun!
loooove those stripes and boots!
we love our chickens. we have a smaller flock (of 5) that includes 2 ameracaunas -- they lay blue eggs too. they are gorgeous!

Mandy said...

I love that Lili holds the chicks. Alton freaks out every time ours struggle and then drops them! We have 6 that are 7 1/2 weeks old, and 4 that are a few years old. They stopped laying eggs though :/ We're in the process of trying to figure out why...They are so much fun to watch. Lilah loves to go out to see the "girls" and the "ladies" hahah

Gwen Diehn said...

What IS it about little kids and boots? My 3 year old grandson wore his bright green rain boots on the wrong feet all last week when I was visiting in New Hampshire. Lili is SO cute with those chickens!