My personal journal is off on a solo adventure getting photographed for a re-release of Gwen Diehn's The Decorated Page. I am honored to be one of several artists highlighted in it~
I have been an avid visual journaler for 15 years now, but the last few years I have slowed down. Other things (like the blog and kids) have taken precedence.

I mark in it enough to miss it when it is gone though.

When it comes back to me I will record that Eliseo started calling me Mama this week (mostly he says "MaMaMaMaaa" in a very whiny voice and yet it still melts my heart). And my friend Christine's baby twin girls were born. And Lili and her playmate went through the childhood right of passage today of giving themselves haircuts.  

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wildviolets said...

Beautiful! You are so talented, you amaze me. Oh, loooovvveee the unicycle!! You will have to do a little demo for me next time we come out! Love you!