photographing jewelry

From what I understand, it is good to take photos of your art outside on a bright, but overcast, day. I got impatient waiting for these conditions, paired with the timing of child-less time (hardly any) ~so I improvised a way to take photos of my earrings on a sunny day.
The shadows would have been overpowering if I had taken them under the direct sun, and the light areas would be washed out. So to remedy this problem I leaned two boards against my studio steps. I taped a piece of silk between them and placed the earrings to be photographed behind the fabric.
 The light filtered through the fabric and gently lit my earrings.
 Lastly, I cropped and edited the photos I took on Picnik  I know I have lots of room to improve with my photography skills, but I am happy for now.
 While I worked this fellow sat in the tree above me and watched... Isn't he handsome?


Anonymous said...

Very clever photography technique. your photographs are beautiful.

Cindy said...

What an amazing shot of that cardinal! Not to mention your beautiful earrings! Love them!