adorable, ear less, bundles of tipsy legginess.

I just wanted to pop in quickly to say that we have two new baby goats!!! (FINALLY)

After many weeks of her looking ready to burst, and her udders so full they almost reached the ground, she seemed to go into labor for real last night around 8 pm. Unfortunately Alex, Lil, and I were in town celebrating my Mom's last day here and her birthday and decided to leave to help out and be present at the birth. To make a long story (and a LONG night~ we were up every hour checking on her) short: Sparrow showed signs of being in labor for 24 hours and we kept waiting and waiting and waiting and it seemed endless. Heavy panting, making nests, buggy bulgy eyes, goop, moaning... Ema looked everywhere for support for this extended labor and couldn't find any accounts of such a thing. We already knew that Sparrow is one of a kind though, so it was fitting. (Good thing I didn't bet you way back when!)
She finally went into hard labor at 7pm tonight, and it happened so fast that I didn't have my own camera, so no cute pictures of the adorable, ear less (because they are LaMancha goats) bundles of tipsy legginess. One boy and one girl.

I am off to bed as we are going to be up early to get into the garden to plant. It is a new moon tomorrow, and in these parts of the South the old timers say that is the best time to plant!

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Daisie said...

Congratulations, poor old Sparrow, bet she's glad it's all over with now! Hope bonding and feeding goes well and we get to see pics of them very soon!