another legend was woven

This one features my very own love seat~
minus the cat scratches, and turned green... :)

My mother-in-law gave me some money for a birthday gift a few years ago, and I went to habitat and found this perfect love seat with it. It had to live in our construction zone, covered in a tarp, for a few months before the house was completed. Buying this couch made the fact that we were getting a home real to me. When I pulled up with it stuffed in the back of my car I know Alex was thinking where are we going to put that thing??? But I was ready to settle in, even if it meant jumping the gun. And all those months when it lived in the unfinished house I would go upstairs, take the tarp off, lay down, and stare at our home in progress and dream...

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CourtneyP said...

A perfect couch for dreaming. Love the green color!