backyard chickens

Well, the chickens are moved in. I like to watch them strut around as I do the dishes (you can see the coop from our window). Lili loves to go visit the chickens. We will say "Lil, should we go visit the chickens?" and she will say, "bok bok". We still have some work to do inside the coop, and siding on the outside, but all in all it feels wonderful! We are researching how to make some fancy nesting boxes so the eggs don't get all cracked and poopy.
I had to add the picture of Atticus because look how soggy he still looks. And believe me, he still smells soggy too.
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Adam said...

Hooray for chickens!

Ours have a bad habit of roosting on the edge of their nesting box, so it's always full of poop. Someday I will rig something up to force them into roosting somewhere else (preferably on the roost). Still, they started out sleeping on the ground, so they're moving in the right direction.

Congrats, too, on your new four-legged rototillers. Remember, they will eat anything. When I was a kid we found that out the hard way.

Speaking of piggies, here's a story. We would go to the grocery and get all their old produce, and dump it all into the feed trough. The pigs would flip all the lettuce back over their heads and eat everything else (they liked pineapple best). Then they would go back for the lettuce. They were pretty funny.

I would love to have pigs except (1) they need more space than we can provide, and (2) they eat too much.

Hope yours are a success! Quite the farm you've got going there!

cara lou said...

LOVE the pic of Lili in the sink.

Fun chickens! I'd love to have some someday!!