I missed out on my studio day today due to another case of epic poison ivy. As Alex was escorting me into the doctor's today he wondered out loud if people would think he beat me up.
I will admit I have cried a few times today as I was trying to fight off an impending bout of self pity. Besides my rock star husband and little girl who seemed completely unfazed by my new appearance, do you know what got me through the day?

#1. The image of my Father and Amy in one of my favorite places: Cinque Terre, Italy.

#2. My best friend ZANFEL. Giving the compulsive itcher like myself the green light to itch. Thank you, thank you, thank you for ZANFEL.


stephanie said...

oh no... good luck in conquering the ivy!

Erin said...

Oh Kelcey, I am so sorry. Yuck. I still remember when you got it so bad that it was in your lungs. No fun! Happy healing. And how exciting to hear your dad and Amy went to the Cinque Terre. I love it too :-)

CourtneyP said...

Oh No!!! My son was climbing trees this weekend and got a case of the "ivy" as well. Not Fun.

Adam said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles with the local flora, Kelc. I have just one thing to say:

I love Washington.

Linda said...

Oh no! Where oh where did you pick up this latest case of PI? Just remember, I did NOT pass those receptive PI genes to you... never had a case of it (knock, knock on my wooden table)in my long lifetime! You should thank your father I do believe!
Hope you heal soon!
Love you!