Lil's Memere Linda (Mem-may) is visiting this week. It is so sweet to see them together. She bought Lili a new sandbox from Toys R Us, and it is already a big hit. We decided that we wanted a sandbox with a lid so the cats couldn't use it as a giant litter box. And after much research (thank you Mom!) we settled on this beautiful one. It was either this or the classic plastic green turtle. I have to say that in my opinion this one is way better. Neutral colored, about 1/3 bigger than the turtle, and with a sturdier lid- it seems well worth the extra $20.00. Of course, it wasn't me paying the extra cash, it was the doting grandma- but still ;)

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Erin said...

Cool sandbox! I am glad your mom can be there for a visit! I am sure Lili loves being doted on :-) I love that picture of Salame!