Dear Binky(ies),
I will admit upfront that I used to be very judgemental of you. I would see you in the grocery store, plugged in some innocent child's mouth, and I would think When I am a parent I will make sure that I won't use THAT... And then only 3 weeks into being a parent I caved in and tried you out. My baby wanted to suck incessantly, and so I used my pinkie thumb to pacify her. It worked, except I couldn't get anything done. So I turned to you, and you have been faithful ever since.
I swore I would give you up before the 6 month mark. Nope.
I thought I would give you up before the 1 year mark. Nope.
Each time I thought maybe I would think of some big trip by airplane or car, or something like that and think... Is it really worth it when the binky is such a good friend to her? And you have been a good friend to her.
Do I worry about your plastic leeching into her mouth when she uses you, yeah.
Do I think she looks and sounds cuter without you around, yeah.
But, now at 18 months do I feel like it is time to end your beloved friendship? I don't know.

What a blessing you have been. What a curse...
Alex told me that yesterday she had a little binky fashion show after all the Binky's came down off the shelf. First the small latex pink one, then the blue one with the crack, then the Halloween looking one... Then, two in her mouth at once. And she thought this was hilarious. You made her giggle so hard you fell plumb out of her mouth.
Thank you for soothing my baby all these months. I wish you didn't hide her smile, but thank you for making her smile. Thank you for showing me how to be less judgemental.
Maybe one day soon we can part amicably and without any hard feelings?


Liz said...
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Christina said...

My son (and now my new baby boy) used a pacifier until one day at 10 mos he simply threw it out of the crib and never asked for it again.

Perhaps you could gradually "loose" them until there is only one left--and then sort of just stop offering it? A gradual phase-out might be better than a whole big ceremony which taking them away all at once can become.

Erin said...

Oh the choices... I still think she is cute with or without binkey. They say it's good for them to have something to help sooth them. We have blue softy. And unfortunately I only have one blue softy. At least for now, you have more than one binkey.

CourtneyP said...

Oh how I know about Binky love. My son called it a wadidi ( who knows why ). We slowly got rid of them until we were down to just one. We told him that once that one was gone.... that was it. I am embarresed to tell you how old he was when he gave it up. However he gave it up without a fight and moved right on.

Good luck!

NeNe and Papa said...

I wish I had a binky and I am 54 years old!

Lindsey said...

Oh Kelc....Camden loves his Binky so much, and I have to say I don't know what we would do without it sometime! I'm definitely nervous about when we have to give it up...but he's only eight months old, so I won't worry about it quite yet!

- oh, and I love Lili's t-shirt! :) Go Sox!

Linda said...

Remember how I "lost" Becca's beloved yellow blanket in the dryer and then years later, bribed her with a "Puffle" or some such thing that she was motivated by and determined to "earn" if she'd only stop sucking her thumb? I still, after all these years, feel bad. And don't know what I'd do, given the same situation all over again. Your post was amusing - and actually an interesting approach. Embracing the binky for all it has granted you, yet letting it know its welcome is limited. Try envisioning how you would like to see Lili in her relationship to her binky... you know... the law of attraction and all....
It's worth a shot.
You're such a good mom. I'm so proud of you!
Love : )