Bye Bye Meme!

Lilikoi's Meme (soft e's) left today after two fun-filled weeks. Since we don't have a guest room yet she slept in a tent right outside our house (what a trooper!). Here you see a photo from 2 years ago when Mom and Paul came down to help us build our house. I am including this because I know it is so hard for all of our parents to live so far away from us... and yet they support us. They fork over tons of time and money to drive and fly thousands of miles to see us and their grand kids. They helped us build our home...

We miss you all too... XOXO


Erin said...

I know it so hard... My parents have put some miles on their car to come out and help us with all of our projects and now to see their grandchild. They are amazing.

Anonymous said...

To all of my Asheville family (which includes ALL friends and relatives too numerous to mention!):

What a warm and welcoming community you are. I am always amazed and grateful for the breadth of your acceptance. I zoom/plop in on your lives and occupy a considerable amount of expense, time and energy. Yet you give so incredibly generously of these that I never feel that I'm in the way or that I'm an imposition to you. I can't tell you how much this means to me.
I wept as I left - mostly for the distance measured - in miles - of our lives. I am home now and all feels right with my world - though I know I'll feel pangs of Asheville -withdrawl from time to time.
Thanks so much for a fabulous visit!
Love, memere/momma linda