House Update

Alex spent all day on Saturday trimming out our kitchen window and one window in the living room, and building some cabinet doors (to keep Lili out of danger). After a year and a half of looking at foam insulation every time I did the dishes I am as pleased as can be. Seeing Alex with his tool-belt on, working until 7pm, me with Lili all day, and leftovers for dinner...- It wasn't exactly how I pictured our anniversary day to go, however, we will celebrate when my mom comes to town and babysits Lili this week. And it is all worth it because it all looks SO nice.
Here is the kitchen window.... (I have the first tomato I picked from our garden sitting pretty on the sill too!)
And here's the living room window's trim. The wood is just pine because we plan on painting it someday. The painting on the wall is one of my favorite things, one of Edibeth Farrington's encaustic paintings.


Adam said...

Looks great! It's amazing how much improvement surrounding something with wood can make.

We've got a few things to surround with wood around here, too...

Anonymous said...


Can you tell that Clara's enthusiastic about the new trim and her friend Lili? The window's look GREAT! So does the pretty tomato. :)

love from the Swansons