Happy Anniversary!

Today is Alex and my 5th Anniversary. It has been a wonderful five years together. I am so grateful for all that we have and even more grateful to our families who helped us learn how to be loving and kind and forgiving to each other. Each day my heart is open a little more because of Alex.

Here is the banner that I made for Mayme and Papas anniversary party. Alex strung it up this morning in celebration:
And here is the beautiful painting that Mayme painted of Alex and I on our wedding day. I don't think my photographing did it justice though, but you can get the idea. We have it hanging in our bedroom...


Daisie said...

Happy anniversary!
I hope you have many more happy years together.

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary! Yeah for 5 years! It's amazing how our love grows, and it's only been 5 years. What adventures we have to come.

Nene & Papa Randy said...

5 years! I cried like a baby that day. So happy! I Still do when I think of what a beautiful couple you are. Happy Anniversary!
Mother of Groom

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet blessings to you on this very special day!!!!! I'm so happy for the two of you - and am so grateful to have Alex in your and our lives. Sending you love 'o plenty! Happy Anniversary !
Love, mom {of the bride)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I can't believe it's been 5 years! Congratulations to you! It is so wonderful to see love deepen between two people--your commitment to one another is a blessing to all of us who love you! You are a beautiful two, and now a beautiful three as well! We are loving you up here in NH!
<3 all the Swansons

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love your blog :-)
It has been very inspirational (and helpful) in many ways!
Congratulations to the both of you.....wishing you many more loving years ahead.

Cindy Benson said...

Hi Kelcey,
I love your blog these days. I finally discovered it recently and had to catch up on all the previous posts. Now I read it faithfully! Happy Anniversary to you two! It sure was a special day and Benny was so honored that you asked him to participate. It is hard to believe it's been 5 years. What a beautiful painting your grandmother did of you two and Becca and Christine! I didn't know she was so talented! We send you hugs and best wishes! Hope you're enjoying your mom's visit (is she there yet?)
Love, Cindy

babyjenks said...

i can't believe it's been 5 years! your wedding is high on my "favorite weddings i have been lucky enough to attend" list. i had so much fun helping out and feeling like a part of your community. and the ceremony was so perfect; sunny, windswept and sweet.

i love you both.
happy anniversary