letting go.

Lili's enthusiastic baby-sitter (my mom) is in town for a couple of weeks. Just a bit ago the two of them drove off in my mom's blue car for a day on the town. They are headed to my sister's house for a dip in her pool and other adventures. They will be gone 5 to maybe 7 hours. I know it sounds crazy but I am having a hard time with her gone. I have left her for this long (three times) but the difference was that I left, not her. She is almost 10 months old. It is time to let go of my grip a little, but... to love with an open hand- to let go, to trust, or to know I can't control it all, and most likely she will be safe and happy- Well, I am working on it as I write this.

And now I am off to CREATE some ART!!! (Thank You Mom!)


Erin said...

Oh it's so hard! I can only imagine. Yeah for Grandparents. I hope you have a productive ART day! Say hi to your mom for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great picture! (Could your mom be any more beautiful?) I SO know what you're talking about. For 10 months (plus the preceding 9 months of pregnancy) your body has been wired to be completely in tune with this other little person, so it makes sense that you feel lost without her, like a spinning compass... But I'm sure you were able to settle in and produce some art--we want to see it when you get a chance!

Cindy Benson said...

This is THE cutest picture!! And I'm sure you're mom had the time of her life! You have given her such a gift! Do you know how long she has been talking about how she can't wait to have grandchildren??? Probably since I met her 20 years ago! :)