Musical talents I have the pleasure of knowing

My friend Jon (aka Jar-e) commissioned me to paint his album cover last year. I thought that I should show it off and also tell you about how great the music inside is. I love it when I walk in the door and Alex has this CD playing.
A long time ago Jon was a roommate of mine. I remember some nights feeling like I never wanted to live with a musician again as I witnessed firsthand the experiments that make up his unique music. I think he is brilliantly talented (I did back then too- It was more that I had to wake up at 5:30 am to open the bakery). When I look back on it, that was such a fertile time for my friends and me in terms of art. We lived in a big old house in downtown Asheville, I was just out of college, we had simple jobs that allowed us to focus on other aspects of life, big parties in which whole rooms were filled with people painting or making music, we had no kids or mortgages... just a lot of freedom...

Here are some more musician friends worth knowing about that I am lucky enough to call my friends:
Brianna Lane, Eliza Lynn, J. DiMenna, Lindsey Schust, and David Garlitz

PS- one of my favorite things about the album cover I painted for Jar-e is the font you see. I was meeting him and his graphic designer in a coffee shop and they asked me to doodle out an alphabet. So I practiced a little on a napkin, then made an upper and lower case letter for the alphabet on the back of a scrap paper. The designer took it back to his office and made it an official font. That kind of stuff makes me want to become more computer literate. I would make up a font a week if I could.

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