"An Inconvenient Truth"

Alex and I watched Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight for the first time. It has been on my To-do list for years, and so it was nice to finally sit down and do it.
Although I had wanted to see it, I had already heard a lot about it, and I was under the assumption that #1. it was going to be depressing, and #2 that I already knew the gist of it. Both assumptions were both right and wrong. Yes, global warming is depressing, and yet there are very attainable things even us in the general population can do to reverse it. And yes, although I did have the gist of it (believing it to begin with, and and doing things to decrease CO2 emissions) it was very refreshing to see all of the scientific data, and all of the images, put together comprehensively.

Even though I felt it before, now that I am a mother I feel this deep understanding of how my actions will effect Lili and my future great-great-grandchildren and beyond. In addition, now that I am a mother I am able to see beyond my own baby and feel the mothers all around the world who love their families as much as I wholeheartedly love my family. I want us all to live in harmony with our Earth..Not in a cheesy way, and not in a drug-induced 60's style way, but in a very real sort of way. This movie, and Al Gore, is inspiring to not drop the ball because it seems too big of a problem. If you, like me, have waited to see this movie (or the great movie "Kilowatt Ours") Now is a great time to see it... even if it is three years past it's release...

And since a post with no picture is no fun, here is a picture of Lili wearing a bib her crazy aunt Becca gave her. Poor baby....Post Script: Visit the Carmona's to see a good picture of David in his underwear dealing with the 11 inches of rain we got the last few days!!!

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Erin said...

That Aunt Becca. You have to watch out for her. Yes, I happened to also see David in his undies. Ok. Corbin needs to go to bed!