A handful of my favorite supplies

To celebrate our very rainy day (we are in a major drought in western NC) I painted a lot of the day away. Meanwhile, Alex and Lili had some quality father/daughter time driving into town to apply for Alex's passport. After having spent the longest hiatus from my art supplies ever (the end of pregnancy/beginning of mothering) I have rekindled the deep love I have for a few particular ones. They are as following: (Please note that beeswax and artist-grade oil paints would be in there too if I had them out today.)
PVA glue. So yummy. (not to eat) So strong. Archival. sort of like Elmers, only 1,000 x better.
Ode to the micron pens... how would I ever make without you??? particularly the sepia color or the oh-so-fine .005 tip?
All my fun fabric and handmade papers. So what if they smell a little moldy after being hauled around for 15 years from place to place, and lastly in storage for a year? I love you.
Inks. Water based, or not.Pen and ink. They are all so nice. I seem to have formed an obsession with this color, so this one is particularly nice...
I love these fluid acrylics by Golden. They are highly pigmented and easy to use.
My see-through, gridded, 24" ruler. I misplaced this tool a couple weeks ago and was very distraught. Luckily it was only misplaced and not lost. This is a paper worker/book maker's miracle worker. Let me count the ways...Here is my little makeshift workspace at the beginning before it got all messy today. So much fun!!!


Erin said...

Oh I love your art! I just hung up the small piece that you sent me with my birth package on my mirror. I love having Kelcey Loomer art in my house! I hope you had a successful day!

katypark said...

i am so glad to have found you... to be inspired to continue to create! your pursuit of art is inspirational... i have always made cards/paper over the years and i have really been enjoying it lately! i have to get a hold of one of those rulers! thanks for the glimpse into your favs.
have a beautiful day!

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