Last Sunday Ema, Alex, and I embarked on a pickle making mission. We had collected the cucumbers the night before. It is amazing how you can neglect the garden for just a week and then the once cute little furry baby cucumbers have morphed into giant blimps that weigh down the trellis. This is what happened to us, and we realized it was time to make pickles.
Aside from the huge amount of cucumbers (maybe around a five gallon buckets worth?) we had very little to make pickles with though...

Here is what we had: Cucumbers, 6 stems of fresh dill (shown in the picture above), 1/3 of the garlic we needed, 1/5 of the salt we needed, 13 mason jars, and mustard seeds.

Here is what we borrowed from various neighbors: dill seeds, the rest of the salt, the rest of the garlic, a gallon of apple cider vinegar, and 4 mason jars, and a neighbors dishwasher to sterilize the jars.

As you can see, we were really not prepared. But thanks to the generosity of our lending, friendly neighbors we were able to pull of a very hot, but successful pickle making endeavor. There is something very satisfying to see the jars all sealed and lined up.


Adam said...

I don't like pickles, but I like making them.

We just sliced up our first cuke today. And our first tomato yesterday.

The green beans are looking like they'll be crazy, so dill beans are just around the corner, too.


Kelcey said...

I love me some dilly beans!