An Apple a day...

Ever since our apple picking excursion, Lili has been eating at least 2 apples a day. They are tiny apples, and are perfect for her hand size. I peel them she gnaws on them contently. It has been such a great treat for her. I also wanted to mention that we got all these apples from an elderly woman who lives on our road. She told us we could have all the apples we wanted- that she had no use for them. So we picked her trees, and will give her some homemade fried apples (her favorite) and some apple butter in exchange. There are so many old apple trees that go unpicked, and I wanted to mention this option to those who love apples but can't afford buckets of organic ones. It requires a little bit of forwardness to ask someone if they use their apples (In this case I let David ask), but well worth it in the end in my opinion. And you may just make a new friend in the process!

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Adam said...

It's apple cider for us on Bainbridge this weekend! As soon as I have access to a good press up here, I'll be asking for apples all over our neighborhood. I'll give them a half-gallon of cider back.

When I was little we used to go down the street to a neighbor who built a house in an old orchard. The day before cider day we'd climb the trees and shake as hard as we could. Someday I'll get Corbin up in those trees.

Happy apples!