Town Day.

We just finished putting all the groceries away in the fridge after returning home from our errand day in town. We have been talking about wanting to shop at the farmers market all summer and we finally made it there this morning for the first time. It was so much fun. We bought: 2 small acorn squash, 1 yellow summer squash, 1 sweet red pepper, 1 bunch of beets, 1lb of ground beef, 1lb of pork chops, 4oz of chive goat cheese, 1 beautiful fat eggplant, and 1 basil and cheese scone. All of this came to $23.00, which felt like a great deal. We loaded all of our treasures into our cooler (we bring along a cooler and fill it with ice so that we can food shop at anytime during our errand day) and headed out to do all of the other town chores.
Two of the other errands on our list were to pick up straw for the goats and fill up our (and a couple other neighbors) propane tanks. While Alex filled the propane tanks at the local KOA, Lili and I took a little stroll down along the Swannanoa River which meandered right through the campground. Despite the fact that you could hear the highway and the passing train in the distance, it was quite peaceful there. Lili was enthralled when I was crouched at the edge of the river with her. She was pointing at the river and saying "Tha... Tha..." and then squealing loudly... I have found that being with babies or children always opens my eyes in a new way. I constantly find myself trying to see what Lili might be seeing. Was she giggling at the ducks in the water I was pointing to?, I don't even know if she could see them... Or was it the sparkles as the sun hit the water?

Here is a picture of dinner at Mamacitas with Scott, Lucy, and Becca (Why does she insist on making goofy faces when she gets before a camera? It has been like this since I can remember... You may be thinking, she doesn't look like she is making too weird of a face... but trust me, that look is intentional).
Then the second picture is of Miss Lili up way too late (9:45) doing the last bit of shopping in Ingles. (the most important part, the ice cream isle.)

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Erin said...

I love shopping at the Farmer's Market. Sometimes we go just to go and not even get anything. I just love the atmosphere! Sounds like you got some good deals. Ah Becca making faces, she wouldn't be Becca without it:-)