Long, full, good, day.

Alex just walked up stairs to bed and gave me the hairy eyeball for not shutting the computer off immediately and going to sleep like I should. (I was just telling him how exhausted I am) Today was a whopper of a day though, and the truth is, even if I crawled into bed my mind would still be spinning. So that is my excuse.
We woke up early and started preparations for my birthday brunch party (my actual b-day isn't for a couple of days) On our menu was: scrambled eggs with veggies, sausage (from my favorite farm) and soy-sausage for the vegetarians, salad greens, roasted purple potatoes, homemade applesauce (from the apples we picked the other day) apple strudel (this SO yummy apple cream cheese pastry wrapped in buttery filo dough that Alex makes...) raspberry breakfast bars (Ema made these) coffee, juice, mimosas and bloody Marys.
Alex is such a natural in the kitchen, and we easily made enough food for 20 people. We set up blankets under a big tarp to protect from the shade, and picked flowers for the buffet table. Ema hung these beautiful white lanterns that blew in the breeze...It was just all very nice. And then we had good friends to share it with.

*Then* after we did some dishes, we hoped in our truck and went down to Asheville to the Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival (LAAFF) for the afternoon/evening. LAAFF is one long blocked off street full of street performers, art vendors, all sorts of people dressed up in wild costumes, and one man trying to set a world record by riding a 40 foot bike. We missed his attempt at it last year but got to see his attempt this year. It was pretty crazy. he had scaffolding and a big crane with a safety rope. He tried twice and neither time did he make the 300 feet needed to win the record. I am not one for heights so even watching it made my palms sweaty. But it was fun to see someone try for a world record. Click here to see a U-Tube of his attempt last year.
All in all, it was a day jam packed with seeing old friends and unusual events. Lili loved all the costumes and balloons and people in her house today... At the festival she was leaning forward in her stroller the whole time, hands gripping the stroller bar enthusiastically. I guess everyone tells every parent that their child is the cutest child possibly ever. There are moments when I don't want to give into this exaggeration, but I can't stop myself from nodding... She is just so stinkin' cute...

We can't find our camera today, sorry there are no shots to accompany! and now I am off to sleep, sweet sleep...


Erin said...

Sounds like a great day! And what a way to start a birthday week! Expect a package from WA sometime this week. Hopefully before the big day! Love you!

Anonymous said...

hey kelcey,
what a lovely day to begin the celebration of your birthday! i would love to send a birthday greeting via snail mal for your b-day...could you pass along your address (park.katy@yahoo.com)...
i have so appreciated your encouragement and getting to know you via this cyber medium....indeed "better than pan pals"... but i though i may throw in a bit of "physical evidence" of my appreciation!
peace to you,