We harvested our potato bed this past week. We had maybe 30 feet of potatoes planted. They were a mixture of yellow and red ones. We hand-turned the bed before we planted them, and mounded up the dirt around the plants when they finally sprung up. We put one layer of straw down early on, but then sort of neglected the garden for July and August (this seems to be a trend...) We also had a drought and our spring was low so we didn't water the garden... Needless to say, once again we had a disappointing potato crop. We maybe tripled the amount of potatoes we planted. Hmmm, put that way it doesn't seem so bad. Well anyway, the potatoes we did get were crisp and yummy. And as the potato is on the list of top non-organic foods to avoid, it is nice knowing they where they were grown!
Here is Lili beside the dug up beds, enjoying the dirt. (she only ate a 1/2 handful during this photo shoot.)

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That bottom photo is dreamy...