We had an amazing girls-weekend/mini-vacation in California. We stayed at Christine and Andy's new home in Malibu. This is the view of the canyon and ocean from Christine's balcony (Wow huh?):
Here Lili is using her foot to point to Christine's house in the morning light:
Evidence of the fire that swept through her canyon in the past year:
We spent spent some of the time working on plans for Christine's upcoming wedding:
We went to the farmers' market on Sunday:

And made yummy Indian food later that night with the vegetables:
We went shopping and Lili tried on a $150 hat...
We got to spend a lot of time lovin' on Christine and Andy's dog "Chunk":

Overall, there was a lot of giggles, tea, and catching up...
Lili did fantastic on the 4 1/2 hour plane ride. I was nervous about that bit, but, she was great. On the ride there we got seated next to a sleepy businessman, he was less than excited to see us sit down next to him. On the ride home we got seated next to a wonderful grandmother named Deloris. Deloris entertained Lili and I with sparkly jewelry,pictures of doggies, and stories of her world travels. Having a young child on a long plane ride is a LOT of work. I think the key is to pray to be seated next to the right person though... that and lots of treats.
After Malibu, our home seems a bit campy in comparison, and the mountains here seem jungly, and there is little hope of running into any stars where we are, but I am happy to be home. Both Lili and I were overjoyed to see Alex's bearded face beaming at us when we got off the plane in Asheville.
Here is the view from our road as we drove in:


Linda said...

There's nothing like girlfriends. They'll be with you for a long, long time! Glad you had such a great visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kelcey, that sounds like so much fun! Though being home is always good after being away... That picture from your road is so beautiful.

Erin said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to have a girls weekend with you some day (oh and Corbin). Oh, and Malibu is near where I used to go all the time when we went to Cali to visit my great aunt. And Adam says he wants to see a picture of Lili chewing on the $150 hat :-)