Pick of the Week

Here are some interesting original silkscreen prints by artist Amy Walsh (aka Wonder Cabinet) from Philadelphia. These are part of a series of chimera or animal hybrids. They are beautifully printed onto old book pages. Even though they are silk screened, they remind me, in a very tactile sort of way, of my love of relief printmaking (they have different processes of getting the image on). When I look at these prints I am transported into a print studio listening to the sound of the brayer when you are getting the ink ready to print. You need to get just the right amount of the ink. Too little ink and it is patchy and dry. Too much and your roller is floundering and spitting ink everywhere. Just the right amount of ink and the brayer makes this wonderful intoxicating sticky noise. Anyone who loves printmaking will probably be nodding their heads, thinking of that beautiful sound. Everyone else, well, you probably think I am crazy. Either way, these prints are simple and yet intricate- and the series is very imaginative!

Wasn't it Albert Einstein who said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge?

Amy Walsh's blog
Her Etsy shop


Anonymous said...

hey there,
have you ever tried making gocco prints? i am really interested in checking it out. i like the looks of the prints but wondered if you may have any first hand experience to be able to inform me a bit more...
i hope you are very well!
peace to you three.

Anonymous said...

Oh --- I want to see these prints "in person, real time" --- they are wonderful! And I do know what you mean by the sound of the brayer. I always tell my young students they'll know when the ink on the brayer is just right by listening for the sound of it. I think I'll quote your descriptive words during the next printmaking/inking the brayer lesson! Love you, mom/memere