"Sweet Darkness"

Poem by David Whyte


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelcey, what a beautiful poem and pictures! Thanks for sharing this!

Linda said...

You can't imagine my heart when I saw this poem on your blog. And juxtaposed with those images of Lili... so moving. As you must know, David Whyte is the poet who opened the door of poetry to me, moved my soul, and gave me the courage to find my own voice. To have a daughter who has grown to admire his work is one more affirmation of the deep and wondrous mystery of our lives.

CT said...


Your mom introduced me to David Whyte and I haven't seen this poem in too long. So beautiful.

I love you, lili, becca and linda so very much!


Adam said...

Perhaps you've noticed, or perhaps not, that two posts ago we looked in the window as Lili looked out. And with this post we look out the window, sort of, with Lili.

Did you plan that, Kelcey?

That's fun blogging, that is.