This being an intense election year in the States, and given the major economic mess that is unfolding here, and given that in the mountains of NC and TN we have no gasoline(slow pipeline in the South), I find the turmoil nerve wracking at moments. I find myself worrying about the things I can not change too often, and I really do not want to give into the panic of these situations ...

When do I find myself taking a deep breath and letting my shoulders drop?... In moments like this when I see this little person that I adore, giving me such a heartfelt grin, in her too big pajamas. Thank goodness they still make
PJs with feet, they certainly are a comforting sight for a worried mind.

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Linda said...

I just want to snuggle that little Lili up and cuddle-hug her! And at that moment, all would be right in my world. I also am trying to keep the right minded lenses on when observing the world. And in the last few days, it has been a struggle.